The Juggling Act

Women appreciate the benefits of working, but they admit juggling work and parenting can be stressful. Women also recognize that stress can be derived from the positive benefits of a job. For example, a job promotion, can add stress due to the extra responsibility which leads to longer work hours with more time away from home. Unfortunately, the ideal job can add to a woman’s stress level due to parenting responsibility. The major conflict that women face in regards to working and parenting is juggling schedules.

A mother who works outside of the home is often faced with the stress of juggling her job and parenting responsibility. First, the work schedule can be stressful since the woman’s work schedule may not be compatible with her children’s schedule. Thus, the woman has to ensure proper child care arrangements are in place for her children, so quality time with the children may be limited due to work. Technology offer opportunities to stay connected but mothers will admit that technology cannot take the place of face to face contact when it comes to their children. Secondly, the woman may feel pressured to demonstrate that she deserves or she is suited for the position. The National Center for Education Statistics shows that women often have to work three years longer in a teaching position to be promoted to a principal than their male counterparts. Finally, the woman may be faced with trying to juggle her children’s activities. Such as, parent teacher conferences, transportation to and from school or activities, after school care, extracurricular activities, and doctor’s appointments are a few of the activities that women have to juggle in consideration of their children’s schedule.

Juggling work and parenting is just one example of the stresses that a woman may experience. A little stress is okay, but continuous stress can take a toll on a woman’s physical and mental health. Thus, it is crucial that women take the opportunity to de-stress

Here are some suggestions for de-stressing:
Get enough sleep ( 7-8 hours)
Exercise ( walking, running, biking, yoga, zumba)
Eat healthy (fruits, vegetables, protein and water)
Take time for yourself ( massage, shopping, reading, praying, movies, mediate)