Time Out

imageCommunication plays an essential role in relationships, and couples should strive for effective communication. Because you are talking, it does not mean that you are communicating effectively. Silence does not mean that a couple is not communicating because non-verbals play a major role in communication. Each partner should make a point to listen and validate their partner’s feelings. Effective communication means both partners have an opportunity to share their ideas and opinions without anger, aggression, and attitudes.

When things start to get heated, it’s time to halt the conversation. Unfortunately, it is less likely there will be a resolution to a heated discussion. A heated discussion can compound the existing problem, because couples do not think rational when emotions are high. A heated discussion can lead to using words as weapons. Thus, it is likely that one or both partners will walk away emotional wounded. Couples need to recognize when they need to take a time-out. Taking a time-out can be very essential for the health of a relationship. However It’s imperative that the couple revisit the discussion after cooling down. Hopefully, the couple can approach the discussion more rationally once they have had a cooling down period.